About Mosaic
Mosaic is a social enterprise with a mission to give brands and their suppliers what they need to improve social and environmental practices today.
The Problem
30 years of voluntary codes of conduct and an audit-centric compliance approach focused on Tier One suppliers has not significantly improved labour conditions or workers' lives. As a result, new mHRDD laws and US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) enforcement trends are forcing brands to greatly improve and expand their efforts.
The current distribution of resources wastes time, energy and money for both buyers and suppliers.
90%spent on auditing and measurement
10%spent on training and improvement
The Solution
Instead of continuing to ineffectively force compliance from the top down, Mosaic is supporting factories from the ground up. By creating a localized, digital-support resource, Mosaic provides suppliers needed implementation and remediation support. Now, suppliers and brands know exactly what is expected and how to efficiently boost compliance levels. Informing compliance and demonstrating the remediation of identified risks is central to meeting mHRDD laws.
Simplify Compliance Expectations
Bridge the gaps between brand standards and the law to improve supply chain ESG performance and drive impact.
Accelerate Improvement and Remediation
Access robust, country-specific implementation recommendations to improve operations, compliance and business efficiency.
Harmonize Industry Efforts
Engage supply chain partners collaboratively with an up-to-date, shared knowledge management platform.