The RSR Platform
The RSR platform was built to "inform compliance" and support factory remediation by providing rich, country specific recommendations that accelerate the improvement of global working conditions.
An Independent Remediation Support Platform
MOSAIC RSR leverages what we all share—local laws and international standards—to support sustained supplier improvement and remediation. The RSR Platform is a one-stop legal resource for brands and suppliers to navigate compliance and remediation. As an affordable subscription, we provide an impartial interpretation of local labour law, benchmarked to International Labor Organization standards and supplemented with detailed improvement and remediation guidance.
An Independent Improvement and Remediation Resource
For Brands and Industry Organizations
  • Better communicate country-specific, code of conduct expectations
  • Facilitate and support the creation long-term preventative action plans
  • Keep internal teams and factories aligned with the most up-to-date legal requirements
  • Empower your internal teams with knowledge and build efficiencies
  • Quality check social audit reports
For Suppliers
  • Understand and meet evolving legal regulations
  • Improve internal management systems
  • Facilitate and support the creation long-term preventative action plans
  • Prepare for social compliance audits without expensive outside consultants