Ask Our Experts: A Global Help Desk for Supply Chain Due Diligence

The most impactful “unicorn” supply chain compliance programs leverage local, in-country staff to support their suppliers in customized manner. They also connect the dots for sourcing, product, and executive teams.  Our new “Ask Our Experts” service allows brands and suppliers convenient access to local, technical, due diligence and compliance experts but without the carrying costs associated with hiring and managing a local team. 


Designing, implementing, and managing a supply chain human rights due diligence system that meets the evolving expectation of regulators is both complex and demanding. Complex due to the diversity of country specific issues, legal requirements, and the unique circumstance of each supplier at all tiers.  Demanding because of the difficulty of recruiting and managing staff with the appropriate technical expertise, seniority, and global reach to properly support suppliers and internal stakeholders.

Suppliers and internal stakeholders rarely have time to read compliance manuals or stay up to speed with rapidly evolving due diligence requirements and/or local laws. Ensuring comprehension and implementation requires a different, more modern, on-demand strategy.

Further, research from McKinsey revealed that employees spend around 2 hours, on average, per day, just looking for and collecting information. Basically, if a company has 5 employees, only 4 of them actually work, while the fifth spends all the time at the job just looking for information, without adding any value to the company.


To respond to this challenge, Mosaic, is expanding our expert compliance help desk “Ask our Experts”. While Mosaic’s RSR platform will still provide foundational legal and remedial content to internal brand staff, auditors, and suppliers, “Ask our Experts” allows for a quick response to unique supplier circumstances and/or user questions related to compliance. This moves Mosaic from a passive resource to an active and engaged partner in supporting your due diligence program implementation and management.


  • Reduces dependence on in-country teams while expanding coverage 
  • Increases efficiencies and expertise of small compliance teams
  • Supports suppliers implementation efforts and Corrective Action Plans (CAP) development
  • Supports internal stakeholders (sourcing, merchants, etc.) that lack technical expertise but that are critical to program implementation. 


Q: What topics are covered?

A: There are two broad topic categories. First, is corporate due diligence and responsible sourcing. The second is in-country supplier level labour compliance topics (e.g., child, forced, OSH, harassment, compensation, hours of work, discrimination, grievance systems, etc.) and environment.

Q: What geographic areas of coverage do you offer?

A: International (programmatic questions about mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence) China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia

Q: My company has unique standards. Can your help desk support unique aspects of my program?

A: If you company is a strategic customer, we can support unique aspects of your program. (e.g., unique standards, onboarding, auditing expectations, grievance mechanism, CAP processes, etc.)

Q: What is the typical response time?

A: Within 24 hours unless the question requires additional research and/outreach within our network.

Q: What is the fee structure? How much does it cost and who pays?

A: Brands/Retailers:/Manufacturers: Our pricing is calculated based on number of internal stakeholders being supported, number of suppliers and countries covered, and the support category level (ABC) you pick. Support category levels relate to the number of anticipated traffic the help desk will receive and the amount of unique content (e.g., brands specific standards and processes) we need to support. Each program also includes access to the updated Mosaic RSR platform for self-help.

Suppliers and/or factories may also buy, non-brand specific, subscriptions directly from Mosaic on a yearly subscription.

Q: How does it work exactly?

A: Suppliers or internal stakeholders can receive answers to their questions via email or by setting up a call or virtual meeting. They simply need to fill out a very simple online form, referencing the unique customer ID. Once the request is received, depending on the type of question and complexity, they will receive a response within 24 hours