May 25, 2022
Due Diligence & Remediation

Social compliance programs and reporting that don’t prompt, support, and drive action on the ground have limited value, making corrective action management and supplier engagement a critical component to any credible social compliance program. Look forward to an expert discussion on how this link in the chain has been the most neglected from a time and budget perspective in social monitoring programs and how important it is now.
April 15, 2022
Intersection of Local Law & Brand Code of Conducts
Darryl Knudsen

Brands with Codes of Conduct (CoC) and commercial factory monitoring programs often operate in isolation and struggle to support the in-country government institutions and labor laws needed to ensure long-term compliance improvement within the disparate countries of their supply chain. Furthermore, despite every CoC requiring that suppliers know the law, there is often a lack of knowledge and understanding of these expectations. As a result, many brands are unfamiliar with what it is they are asking their suppliers to meet. This gap in knowledge permeates how brands interact with their suppliers and can undermine program efficacy as well as newly legislated ‘due diligence’ requirements. READ THE POST WEBINAR REFLECTION BY CLICKING 'WATCH'
April 20, 2022
Social Audits That Add Value

While the world of social auditing continues to be scrutinized for its shortcomings, the social audit industry continues to grow as European and North American regulators pass and enforce corporate “Due Diligence” laws. Add to this, the intense pressure from anxious stakeholders related to ESG reporting and performance, it’s safe to say social auditing and measurement are here to stay. The truth is social auditing, if done right, is required to meet the definition of due diligence and a vital tool for remediation.
March 9, 2022
Respectful Supplier Relationships

Like any new relationship, how it starts and is cultivated usually determines the chances for long-term success. Building respectful supplier relationships is even more critical when seeking to navigate complex labor and environmental issues. Learn from seasoned sourcing “Pro’s” Shelly Gottschamer (Former Chief Sustainability and Sourcing Officer, Outerknown) and Cara Chacon (Former VP of Sustainability at Patagonia) on how best to engage new suppliers, and find out how to clearly, but respectfully communicate your sustainability expectations in a way that sets your suppliers up for success.
February 23, 2022
Serving Your Stakeholders

We’re kicking off with Motthida Chin and Cara Chacon for the first in the series: “Serving Your Stakeholders”. You’ll walk away with actionable and practical tips on engaging all your stakeholders from supplier partners and workers, to key strategic business units and the C-suite!