Strategic Advisors
James McMichael
Managing Partner, Mosaic RSR
Cara Chacon
Managing Director, Intentum Consulting
Former VP of Sustainability, Patagonia

“Mosaic will help brands, suppliers (and other interested parties) move from just auditing and bandaid corrective actions to true sustainable remediation that will positively impact workers across the manufacturing industry. Mosaic’s future plans and expansion are also exciting and I look forward to being a part of its evolution.”
Andre Raghu
CEO, HAP | The Business of Better Compliance
Former President of Global Sustainability Services, Intertek

“Mosaic Responsible Supplier Resource represents another example from a new era of sustainability specialized startups that want to help global brands better manage social & environmental product risks through alternative approaches and enhanced technologies. Mosaic will help suppliers and vendors across the product supply chain manage the doubt with small steps versus the fear that comes with big leaps. This will allow factory owners to better use their strengths and skills to improve the lives of workers.”
Chris McCann
Founder of Resilient.World
Former Head of Ethical Sourcing, ASDA (Walmart)

“We’re at a point in human development where we have the privilege of choice. We’re aware enough to understand that our ingenuity might now create a Values-based, global civilisation that protects the weakest amongst us and celebrates life in all its majesty. Or, we allow base instinct, stupidity and brute force to rob humanity and our planet. I support Mosaic, because I believe in the value of Values.”
Darryl Knudsen
Executive Director, International Rivers
Former Director of Business and Human Rights, GAP Inc.

“Proud to be an early contributor and Advisor to Mosaic Responsible Supplier Resource along with such an esteemed group of colleagues. Mosaic provides a solution to one of the biggest problems right under our noses: facilitating better remediation at scale of persistent supply chain labor violations. I’m surprised it’s taken so long for a resource like this to be built.”
Shelly Gottschamer
Director, Treadle Tree Consulting
Former Chief Sustainability and Sourcing Officer, Outerknown

“Mosaic’s approach provides support for multiple stakeholders along the value chain. The resource is succinctly designed to provide guidance and lasting remediation, elevating social labor programs and is a much-needed tool for the industry.”
Patrick McKeller
CEO, Strypes Holdings
Former VP, Improvement Services at Elevate Global

“Having worked in and with factories for many years, I have always looked at auditing, social compliance, and now ESG from their side. While many factories appear to struggle to conform or to comply with "our standards", they are also struggling to get new orders, to maintain existing customers, to source the right materials, to keep workers, to meet government requirements, to produce high quality goods, to ship ontime, and ultimately to survive. So, I place great value behind a resource platform like Mosaic, where a factory can efficiently and effectively find the answers to their questions, learn how to improve their management practices, and ultimately build a more sustainable business from within. Mosaic gives them an additional resource to do more than just survive, but to thrive.”
Scott Johnson
VP of Sales,
Former CEO, Closeplan

“Having navigated the tech industry for decades and been a founder myself, one of the hardest things to find is the right product-market fit. With deep industry expertise, Mosaic RSR knows its niche and has found the shortcut to what often takes companies years to launch.”