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Mosaic and HAP Partner to Scale Localized Supplier Support

We’re pleased to announce our exciting partnership with HAP | The Business of Better Compliance! This collaboration represents a disruption of the current state of social responsibility and a much-needed evolution that embraces technology to scale localized support for suppliers. Social compliance has long been dominated by one-size-fits-all, top-down approaches that fail to meaningfully engage suppliers based on their location and individual challenges.

Through this partnership we will:

  • Cascade improvement resources to factories beyond Tier 1 that have never had this kind of support before.
  • Create a support help desk, utilizing fully-vetted HAP capacity-building experts that will better help factories fulfill brand expectations.
  • Further empower HAP’s independent assessment teams with up-to-date legal resources.

From HAP CEO, Andre Raghu, “Today, as a due diligence industry, we have taken another step forward. We accomplished something that is long overdue. This could easily become the model for assurance and reestablishing trust with suppliers going forward. We are proud to be part of the new ecosystem of companies that are raising the bar (it’s not that high) and completely transforming how things work by introducing solutions that change the world from the inside.”

From Mosaic RSR Founder, James McMichael, “We just can’t wait any longer to properly support suppliers in a more sincere and scalable manner. The way companies approach supply chains needs to look totally different in 10 years and the work begins now.”