Code of Conduct Calibration & Digitization


With a myriad of mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence (mHRDD) laws being proposed or passed across multiple countries, brands are strongly advised to review and calibrate their supplier codes of conduct (code). Our knowledgeable team can quickly review and provide detail feedback to inform revisions.


Mosaic enables brand sustainability and compliance teams to create highly effective and ‘on-brand’, digital manuals. Creating, updating, and managing supplier Codes of Conduct (COCs) and other supplier manuals across multiple countries can be a painful and inefficient process. With features like dynamic e-signatures and revision approvals, these mobile optimized codes can be created, published, updated, and accessed on any computer and mobile device — anytime, anywhere. Click here for short demo.


If suppliers don’t see your code or manual as a meaningful resource, it will fail as a tool to inform compliance, drive comprehension, and falls short due diligence. Integrating your Code with the dynamic and updated content found on the Mosaic RSR platform turns your global Code into a living, country-specific, law integrated tool that adds real and ongoing value to your teams and suppliers. Click here for short demo.