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Tips from the Pros: Accelerating Improvement & Program Impact

Mosaic’s new four-part webinar series “Tips from the Pros: Accelerating Improvement & Program Impact” is bringing you insights from the Social Compliance “Pro’s” who have been doing this crucial work for decades!

As a Social Compliance practitioner you’ll walk away with actionable and practical tips and tools to engage all your stakeholders from supplier partners and workers, to key internal business units and decision makers, including the C-suite! Register for all four webinars today to hear from the “Pro’s” and create maximum program impact!


Serving Your Stakeholders:

We’re kicking off with Motthida Chin and Cara Chacon for the first in the series: “Serving your Stakeholders”. You’ll walk away with actionable and practical tips on engaging all your stakeholders from supplier partners and workers, to key strategic business units and the C-suite! Learn how to more effectively listen and develop strategies that address complex social compliance topics such as: fair wages, working hours, and migrant & child labor.

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Respectful Supplier Relationships:

Like any new relationship, how it starts and is cultivated usually determines the chances for long-term success. Building respectful relationships is even more critical when seeking to navigate complex labor and environmental issues. Learn from seasoned sourcing “Pro’s” Shelly Gottschamer (Former Chief Sustainability and Sourcing Officer, Outerknown) and Cara Chacon (Former VP of Sustainability at Patagonia) on how best to engage new suppliers. Find out how to clearly, but respectfully communicate your sustainability expectations in a way that sets your suppliers up for success.

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Social Audits That Add-Value:

While the world of social auditing continues to be scrutinized for its shortcomings, many of which are valid, the audit industry continues to grow. The truth is that auditing and measurement are here to stay and are important to both due diligence and creating a program that drives improvement on the ground.

Learn high-impact tips from two “Pro’s” that helped to build the current social auditing landscape over the past 20 years. James McMichael (Former founding partner of Elevate and Managing Partner of Mosaic RSR) and Andre Raghu (Former President of Global Sustainability Services, Intertek and Founder of HAP) will provide detailed guidance that will help you navigate audit firm selection, certification programs, integrity red flags, reporting and corrective action plan management.

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Achieving Lasting Remediation:

Social audit programs and reporting that don’t prompt, support, and drive action on the ground have little value. Corrective action management and supplier engagement are a hugely critical component to any legitimate social compliance program.

However, this link in the chain is often the most neglected from a time and budget perspective. Learn from a “Pro” Mark Fox (former Amazon program manager, factory consultant and technical content lead at Mosaic RSR), about the fundamentals necessary to ensure that audit findings turn into sustainable improvement action plans. Topics to be covered include: reporting, action plan follow-up, when and how to verify that action, root cause analysis, the role of workers, and tracking improvements.

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