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Mosaic RSR and TEDD proud to announce robust partnership

Mosaic partners with TEDD (Trusted Experts on Due Diligence)

TEDD and Mosaic are proud to announce a robust partnership to provide best-in-class business practices and a support-centric approach to supply chain management through reliable due diligence.

The combined expertise will support companies to run responsible businesses through good governance and meeting relevant requirements. Increasing demand for transparency will support a level playing field for setting new standards for responsible business conduct and compliance.

The expert teams of both organizations will help in evaluating supply chain risks by effectively identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks as well as developing strategies to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Furthermore, our combined offerings provide implementation recommendations to improve operations, compliance, and business efficiency. The tools and standards offered will allow for scalable supply chain assessments enabling companies to meet mandatory disclosure requirements.


Message from James McMichael, Founder & Managing Partner – Mosaic RSR Public Benefit Corporation:

“Going on fifteen years, the ongoing drumbeat of critics, including brands themselves, is that we need to go further and do more. Even governments that strongly encouraged the development and role of voluntary standards have lost faith and started legislating more transparency, real measurable action, and shared responsibility. TEDD and Mosaic are two young, innovative, organizations formed to help brands meet the challenge. “We are so excited to provide the TEDD network the foundational tools they need to be effective, and in turn, receive their localized expertise and knowledge that will ensure our unique content remains best in class.”


Message from Christian Ewert, Global Relations & Innovation Director – TEDD

“A crucially important element of the Due Diligence Process is focussing on Corrective Action, Effective Remediation, and Preventive Action. Access to the correct information about labour laws or environmental legislation and its interpretation is key to successfully addressing adverse impacts. The access to accurate and up-to-date information as made available by MOSAIC will enable businesses to more effectively develop and execute improvements needed when adverse impacts are identified in their global supply chains.”